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TUG, the proposed episodic TV series, can go anywhere on the planet and tell any story as it recounts the adventures of two tugboats and the men and women who own, operate, steer and work on them. The event of "No Guts, No Glory," the pilot episode, is the historic 1988 St. Valentine's Day Maritime Union Strike. The pilot's focus is on the crippled non union tugboat Lucretia Fitz's desperate attempt to escape New York Harbor to avoid the strike. 


Although the Strike ultimately failed, it marked the end of a way of life, not just for the Merchant Mariners involved, but for America. The fight for the right to work remains part of our currrent social fabric. Occupy Wall Street can trace its lineage to 1988 and what happened in New York Harbor.


Future episodes of TUG can involve - to name a few: ongoing violence of the Strike, illegal immigration and the sex slave trade; servicing foreign wars and homeland security; Big Oil and the energy crisis; and piracy at sea while tugboats ply any and all of the world's navigable waterways. 


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