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"Michael Dorn Moody's The the theatrical equivalent of an N. C. Wyeth painting, a colorful adventure yarn full of brawn and derring-do. The play concerns the piratical exploits of Francis Drake who, facing arrest and ignominy in his native England, sails off to the New World to raid Spain's coffers so that he can return home a hero, covered with gold and glory.


Moody's rich, multilayered play, which vividly captures the language and history of the late 1500s, was understandably nominated for a Pulitzer in 1985. Manly exploits abound on this bounding main, but in addition to the purely physical feats of courage and endurance, there's also an intellectually satisfying Hegelian dialectic, personified by Drake (Don Harvey) and his bosom friend and second-in-command Thomas Doughty. (Wayne Pere)."

                                                                                                           - The Los Angeles Times

"The Fool the theatrical equivalent of an 

N.C. Wyeth Painting."         

                                           - L.A. Times

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