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"The setting is the docks of New York...but, it could be anywhere that fuel barges are coming into port. Oil. It runs everything, greases the machinery of the world both literally and figuratively, and if someone you know handles oil, chances are good he'll die of cancer or a heart attack. And if the job doesn't kill him, there's always a risk he'll be deep-sixed by downsizing.


Pulitzer Prize-nominated playwright Michael Dorn Moody has waited for just the right moment to deliver his indictment to the door of the petrochemical industry. The play was conceived...during a stint as a merchant marine officer when Moody realized everyone would be downsized in spite of the government's economic forecast."

                                                      - Patricia Gannon



June 2002 -  First workshop production at Cite Des Arts, Lafayette, Louisiana. Directed by Robert Savina

September 20th, 2011, The Ensemble Studio Theatre in NYC presented a reading of Spill. Directed by Paul Austin. Michael Cullen as Curtis Charone, Patrick Carroll as Davey Jones, Aneillo Bianco as Jack, Christine Farrell as Betty Brass, Scott Sowers as Flynn, and - June Gable as Mummah. 

Curtis, the 50-year old main character, embodies the ramiifications of globalization, downsizing and what corporations consider the disposable worker." 

                                                 -  Patricia Gannon


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